Prepping for visit

Preparing and packing for your pet’s visit:

  • Reservations are required in advance for daycare and boarding- please call 248-879-0940, email or visit the online portal
  • Updated Vaccine Records (if needed) must be emailed, uploaded to portal or faxed over prior to arrival
  • Packing owner provided meals 
    • We require that all owner provided dry foods be packaged in zip lock baggies- 1 baggie per meal or 1 bag per day to split morning and evening. Cans should be labeled with your last name on SIDE of can, and perishable foods should be packed for refrigeration.
      Please pre-package all refrigerated/home cooked/Raw Diets in individual zip lock bags- 1 bag per meal.  Any foods requiring extra preparation is subject to an additional fee.
      Feel free to contact us ahead of time to discuss your pets feeding requirements/needs.
    • As always- kennel provided meals are available and included in the daily boarding rate.
  • Medications:
    • Medication should be brought in a plastic container/baggie, clearly labeled with your pet’s name, name of medication and dosage information.
      If your pet is on multiple different medications a pill organizer and a card with description of medications is ideal. Special medication requirements may be subject to an additional charge.
      A record will be kept of the administration of each dose to your pet. Please bring a few extra doses in case the pick up date changes.
  • Owner provided bedding:
    • All dogs and cats are provided with clean and comfortable bedding and blankets that can be easily sanitized. Using kennel provided bedding prevents loss or damage to items brought from home. We ask owners to please leave all owner provided bedding at home, we sanitize all runs daily and launder all bedding in order to keep our boarders in a clean and healthy environment.
  • Extra Goodies:
    • Feel free to bring up to 3 toys, treats and non-rawhide bones to be given to your pet during their stay. We also have a variety of toys, treats, and approved bones available for purchase at drop off.


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