Contract and Policies

Kennel Contract

A boarding contract agreement is provided and must be reviewed and signed by the owner. Emergency contact information regarding where to reach you, and an individual authorized to make decisions regarding your pet’s well being must be provided.

The contract you will be required to sign states:

“All pets are boarded by Rexpointe Kennels without liability for loss by escape, death, disease, property damage, or personal injuries by the pet. If the pet becomes seriously ill, the owner will be notified and the pet will be taken to the designated or Kennel Veterinarian. Cost of the treatment of illness due to airborne viruses or natural causes will be added to the boarding cost. If any charges for boarding or veterinary care are not paid within thirty days after they are due or if the pet is not called for within 30 days after the time for return of pet, the pet shall be deemed abandoned by the owner(s) or their agents. Rexpointe Kennels shall dispose of the pet whether by placement, by turning the animal over to the County Animal Shelter, or by adoption or by humane destruction, at the sole discretion of the Kennels, and the owner(s) or their agents specifically waives any and all statutory or legal rights to the contrary. The owner(s) agrees to pay all veterinary bills, transportation costs to and from the kennel to the veterinary hospital, and any other services performed relative to the treatment of his/her pet while in the custody of Rexpointe Kennels, Inc. In the event of a dispute in the bill, the owner consents to venue this at the 52nd (3rd) District Court in Rochester Hills, Michigan.”

Kennel Representative ______________ Owner’s Signature _____________
Date ________________

Additional Important Kennel Policies:

1. Normal hours of operation for drop off and pick up are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Mon-Fri, 8:00am to 5:00pm Saturday, 12:00pm-8:00pm Sunday
2. Special holiday hours/minimum stays may be in effect, please inquire
3. We charge for each calendar day the pet is here, not 24-hour periods.
4. You will be charged for the day of drop off and day of pick up regardless of the time
5. Payment is ALWAYS due in full at the time of pick up
6. We accept cash, check, or traveler’s checks
8. There is a $35 charge for all returned checks
9. Pets are only released to the owner unless otherwise specified. If someone else will be authorized to pick up your pet please give written authorization to release the pet.

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