Boarding Rates

Dog and Cat Boarding Rates

Daily rates for boarding depend upon the breed, size, and age of your pet. Dog and Cat Boarding Rates are subject to change without notice. Rate quotes by body weight are only estimates. The overall size of the dog determines what size kennel will be appropriate and comfortable.

Current Dog and Cat boarding rates are:

 Small dogs (under 15 lbs)  $28 per calendar day
 Medium dogs (15-35 lbs)  $30 per calendar day
 Large dogs (over 35 lbs)  $32 per calendar day
 Cats (all sizes)  $20 per calendar day

** 10% discount for three or more pets and any stay 30 days or longer

Dog and Cat Boarding Rates

PLEASE NOTE: Because of our convenient hours for drop off and pick up, it is our policy to charge for the day of drop off and day of pick up regardless of the time of day the pet is accepted or discharged. We accept cash, checks, or traveler’s checks in full payment at the time the pet is picked up. There is a charge for all checks returned for insufficient funds.

The following is included in the Daily Boarding Rate:

  • Private indoor/outdoor runway for dogs
    • Small Dogs: 10 feet long
    • Medium dogs: 15-30 feet long
    • Large/Giant Dogs: 30-60 feet long
  • At least 5 let outs per day for exercise and elimination
  • Multi-Level Private Condo for Cats (Indoor Only)
  • Heated/Air Conditioned indoor space
  • Room Service
    • All indoor kennels are fully cleaned/disinfected every morning
    • Outdoor runways are inspected, cleaned and scooped twice daily
    • Litter boxes cleaned and scooped twice daily (cats)
    • Freshly laundered bedding provided every morning
    • Staff inspects kennel 5 times per day to fluff pillows, spot clean and refill water bowls
  • Complimentary Breakfast and Dinner (Owner’s Choice)
    • Dogs:
      • Kirkland Signature: Chicken, Rice & Veggie or Lamb, Rice & Veggie (both similar and interchangeable with Iams)
      • Kirkland Nature’s Domain: Beef and Sweet Potato- Grain Free
      • Member’s Mark: Wild Caught Salmon and Pea- Grain Free
      • Science Diet: Sensitive Stomach
    • Cats:
      • Purina Cat Chow
      • Science Diet Sensitive Skin and Stomach
    • Owners may also elect to bring food from home
  • Kennel Provided bedding
    • Fleece blankets, comforters, stuffed beds, raised cots etc
  • FREE candid photos during activities uploaded to our Facebook page
  • Treat time midday with owner provided treats
  • Routine Medication administration for dogs. (see below)
  • Unlimited attention from staff from 7:30am-9pm (no times of reduced staffing/interaction)
  • Drop off and Pick up anytime from 8am to 8pm Mon-Sat, Noon-8pm Sunday  (NO STRICT CHECK IN/CHECK OUT TIMES)

Packing for your visit:

  • Vaccine Records (if needed)
  • Owner’s food (no additional fee)
    • We request that all owner provided dry kibble be packaged in Ziploc bags. You can prepackage meals in separate baggies per meal, or place in a larger bag and let us know how many cups to feed per meal. Helpful tip- 1 gallon size Ziploc holds at least 14 cups of kibble with room to zip closed. Cans should be labeled with owners last name on the side of the can. Foods requiring refrigeration should be bagged separate per meal.
  • Medication:
    • Medication should be brought in its original container, clearly labeled with your pet’s name and dosage information. Cat medications, and some dog medication requirements may be subject to an additional charge. A record will be kept of the administration of each dose to your pet. Please bring a few extra doses in case the pick up date changes.
  • Owner provided bedding:
    • As always, we will provide a variety of bedding for all of our boarders. Although it is not recommended, if you plan to bring your own bedding it must fit in a standard washing machine. We sanitize all runs daily and launder all bedding in order to keep our boarders in a clean and healthy environment. If you choose to bring your own bedding, please launder before drop off. Because we wash items often, and dogs may damage things during boarding, we are not responsible for any damaged or missing items.
  • Extra Goodies:
    • Feel free to bring toys, treats and non-rawhide bones to be given to your pet during their stay. We also have a variety of toys, treats, and approved bones available for purchase at drop off.

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