Boarding Activities

Walks, Private Playtime and Group Play

Rexpointe offers walks, private playtimes, and group play up to three times daily at your request. The daily boarding rate (as of August 1st 2021) includes two activities of owners choice per day. We recognize that all dogs have individual needs based on their age and temperament, so owners get to decide how their pet would prefer to spend their day. A third daily activity may be added for $5/time.


Let your dog explore our 5 acre wooded trail with one of our staff members. All dogs signed up for walks are taken out on a leash, individually, and are able to walk our trails at their own pace.

Private Playtime

If your dog prefers to play off leash, such as games of fetch or tug-of-war, then our private playtime is good for them. This is also good for dogs that just prefer being petted or held one on one with a staff member.

Group playtime

How we manage group playtime:

Most doggie daycares and kennels have very large groups with limited staff to control the play sessions. In order to avoid injuries and confrontations, we are very selective with our groups. We find that dogs are more likely to enjoy socializing in smaller groups, vs 30-60 dogs in a small area.

First, we divide the dogs by size into small, medium, and large breed dog groups. You don’t want a five pound Chihuahua getting stepped on by two eighty pound Labs running full speed and not paying attention to where they are going. Many injuries have occurred this way at dog parks and daycares.

Next within the size, we divide our groups by dog temperament. So we have a calmer and/or older dog group separate from a more energetic faster running, rougher playing group. A good way to start a dog confrontation is to have an unknowing puppy run and jump on a geriatric pet. It will most likely result in a quick retaliation snap and possibly an injury. So although we take much more time taking out smaller more compatible play groups, we very rarely have any issues.

If a dog is a beginner in group play we slowly introduce the newcomer on a long leash with some dogs we know and trust to teach them to play and interact well. We do the majority of our play times in large grass outdoor play yards. This gives them a cleaner, healthier natural environment as opposed to an indoor room that is hard to keep sanitary and avoid hard surface related injuries.

Finally, we always have a minimum of two staff members managing our playgroups and boarding activities. That way if any compatibility issue is to occur, we can quickly separate the dogs involved. Our staff to pet ratio is a min of 1 staff member to every 3 dogs.



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