Don’t leave your pet home alone all day while you’re at work or will be out for the day. Have them come have a play day at Rexpointe!

We provide daycare on a regular basis for many of our clients. Working long hours, have to run errands all day, or just want to get your dog out of the house for the day to play and visit some friends- Rexpointe Kennels is the place!

Doggy Daycare

What sets us apart from your typical “warehouse type” doggie daycare?

We take a somewhat different approach to the relatively new phenomenon of doggie daycare. We understand that every dog is unique and there shouldn’t be a one-size fits all approach to your dog’s schedule. If your pet enjoys group play with other dogs- great! If not, we have other options for them as well. Unlike most doggie daycare facilities, your dog does not need to play well with others in order to come stay with us. Our guests are housed in private indoor/outdoor runways and we provide options like personal walks and private off leash play so that any dog can take part and enjoy a day away from home. In between play sessions or walks, your pet will stay in their own private indoor/outdoor runway.

We have observed and believe that in a group, dogs will meet, run and play hard for 15-20 minutes and then start to drift off and sniff the yard on their own. We have found that if we then separate the dogs from each other for a period of time to rest, they get much more out of the experience as the next time they go out to play, it’s again like they’re meeting for the first time. Another difference is how we control our group play- we don’t put 40+ dogs in an indoor area for hours, we separate into small group rotations of same size and temperament and let them run around in a large fenced-in outdoor play yard. Our staff to pet ratio is a minimum of one staff member to 3 dogs to ensure your dog is having a safe and fun experience.  Please see our Boarding Activities Page for more details on options for activities.

Rexpointe ActivitiesAll guests have bedding and water available at all times, and go out into their private outdoor area at least 4 times a day. Dogs can go in/outside at their leisure during the warmer months. Our guests have constant interaction with staff throughout the day so they will normally come home tuckered out from all the excitement.

Daycare for all size dogs: $40/day
Includes 2 activities: Walk, Group or Private Play and private indoor/outdoor runway

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