Cat Boarding

Rexpointe’s cat boarding facility is designed to be a comfortable and relaxing home away from home. Our cattery is situated on our second floor, away from all dog areas to limit noise and stress during boarding. To minimize loneliness, individual kennels are organized to allow our feline guests to observe other cats in a social atmosphere.

Rexpointe Cat BoardingWe have a variety of housing for cats, including one to three level and multi-room arrangements. We will find what arrangement suits your cat best based on their size, age, and temperament, then house them accordingly. Many of our kennels allow cats from the same household to stay together if requested.

Each enclosure is furnished with bedding, a litter Cat Boardingpan, and free access to water and food. We let out our feline guests individually  to explore our cattery, window perch and play structure twice daily during our “room service” times. Rexpointe also offers individual one on one playtime with staff once daily included in the daily boarding rate.  We are happy to board cats on oral and topical medications, an additional fee will be applied depending on the medication/frequency. Unfortunately, we do not accept diabetic cats or cats that require injectable medications.






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