Dog Boarding


Dog Boarding

Here at Rexpointe we provide a safe, clean, comfortable atmosphere for your pet while you’re away.  All dogs are housed individually, unless pets in the same family are requested to stay together.

Unlike many of the newer “warehouse type” indoor Dog Boarding facilities, our guests each have their own private indoor/outdoor runway.  All dogs are exercised outdoors at least four times daily in well ventilated, protected individual runs, allowing an opportunity for fresh air and activity similar to home.

Our private outdoor runs vary from 10 to 60 feet depending on the size of the dog.  Each runway is cleaned and sanitized daily.  The entire kennel is climate controlled by heat or air conditioning with electronic air purification filters and UV lights/Advanced Oxidation to help reduce airborne viruses/bacteria.  Our guests have bedding and water available at all times, and often can go in and outside at their leisure, weather permitting. Your pet will have constant interaction with people and other pets throughout the day, so they will normally come home tuckered out from all the excitement.

In addition to our daily routine, we offer extra exercise and interaction through leash walks, private playtime, and group playtime.  Please see Boarding Activities.

We will provide your pet with comfortable bedding such as blankets, stuffed beds, or cots. We offer treat time daily and can accommodate special feeding requirements (an additional charge may apply).

While your dog is being boarded we are also able to provide grooming for your pet(s). Save yourself a trip by requesting grooming for your dog during their stay! See our grooming section for further information.

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