Boarding Requirements

Boarding Requirements

Food and Medication

The kennel stocks a variety of quality dry and canned canine and feline diets. Your pet will be given food that most closely duplicates his home diet (diets on hand are listed below), or you may provide particular diets when required. Rexpointe Dog and Cat eatingAll pets are fed twice daily unless otherwise requested. Should your pet not eat it’s meal immediately, it is left down to graze until the next meal, at which time we will pick it up, feed a fresh meal, and note how much was left uneaten.

Medication must be furnished by the owner and should be brought in a clearly labeled container with the name of the drug, quantity per dose, and number of doses each day, and the name of the veterinarian who prescribed it if possible. Special medication requirements may be subject to an additional charge. A record will be kept of the administration of each dose to your pet. Please bring a few extra doses in case the pick up date changes.

Dry Dog Foods

IAMS Minichunks, IAMS Puppy, IAMS Lamb and Rice
Science Diet Sensitive Stomach
Purina Dog Chow
Royal Canin Gastrointestinal

Canned Dog Foods

Pedigree chicken and rice
Pedigree lamb and rice
Pedigree beef and rice
Royal Canin Gastrointestinal

Dry Cat Foods

Feline Science Diet Sensitive Stomach
Purina Cat Chow

Canned Cat Foods


Health and Safety

The overall Health and Safety of your pet is extremely important to us. We require all boarders to have the specific vaccinations listed below to provide the best prevention of serious contagious illness in the kennel. We use hospital grade disinfectants to ensure clean and sanitized facilities. Animals are carefully observed, and their appetites and stools are monitored daily. If any medical concerns arise, we will contact your regular veterinarian as soon as possible and act promptly on their advice. Emergency care and transportation are provided if needed.


No pet will be accepted without vaccination certificates currently valid for the following:

Feline distemper/upper respiratory combination (FVRCP)

Distemper (DHLPP)

Please ask your veterinarian to indicate on the certificates the expiration date for each vaccine as there is some variation between veterinarians as to the length of time each vaccination is valid. You may have copies of the certificates faxed to Rexpointe at 248-879-0310 or bring copies when you drop off your pet.

Rexpointe Kennels follows a strict vaccination protocol, but please acknowledge that no amount of vaccination requirement, sanitation or personalized care can prevent pets from contracting an airborne virus or communicable disease. Rexpointe kennels has gone to great lengths to find hospital grade, yet animal friendly disinfectants and cleaning products that will kill 99.9% of all bacteria/viruses. We have also installed electronic air filtration in our HVAC system along with UV lights and the REME HALO system by RFG Environmental Group which uses Advanced Oxidation to reduce airborne contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and molds.

Bedding, Dishes, and Personal Items

All dogs and cats are provided with clean and comfortable rugs and blankets that can be easily sanitized. Using kennel provided bedding prevents loss or damage to items brought from home. We have learned through experience that most pets show little or no interest in toys or other personal items brought from home. You are welcome to bring such items, but we ask that you keep them to a minimum and understand that we are not responsible for their return or the condition of the item if returned. A moderate amount of treats may be left for the pet and they will be given daily at an appropriate time.

Elderly PetsBoarding Requirements

Elderly pets and those with significant chronic medical problems should be boarded with your veterinarian.

In the case that Rexpointe Kennels agrees to board your elderly pet, additional contracts and medical decisions are required


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